The World of Changing Views Creates Cheap LCD TVs

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Important news in the television industry is channeling different views on LCD TVs that could reduce the cost dramatically. Although the electronics vertical is seeing no reduction in growth the biggest maker of televisions is shifting its view from LCD flat-screens to OLED displays. Could this mean cheap LCD televisions will be more readily available as Samsung tries to offload its current stockpile of televisions?

It would seem more top players of the industry have followed suit including Sharp who is decreasing production of LCD displays. When the industry shifts in such a manner from declining profits the winner is the consumer who will receive benefits from both ends. Not only will warehouses be trying to offload older models there will be more competition for targeted consumers looking to buy cheap LCD TVs.

Samsung has had a rough year with its LCD TVs division. After losing over $666,000,000 last year it looks like they are cutting their losses by utilizing an affiliate with 750 billion won (Korean currency) in investment capital. This should mean that market share and brand awareness will come into play to create lower costing products for the consumer in the beginning at least.

As the scope of the market changes and consumers start to go nuts over LED televisions this does not mean quality of LCD TVs is going to go down. Philips is actually announcing moving in the other direction by releasing higher quality cheap LCD televisions in Europe as entry level and midrange displays. However these televisions will not have the smart TV capability of LED models.

So why would LED TVs be the one getting so much love while the LCD televisions are seen as the redheaded stepchild of the industry? Well from what we are seeing it seems that the appeal of LED and smart TVs has driven the market towards desiring those models. If you can live without Google on your televisions which most of us can then you should be able to opt in for the cheap LCD TVs that we plan to see in the near future.

As it has in the past LCD TVs market share will grow as the price becomes more competitive and it is already forecasted to grow 7% in 2012. With an already large growth of 11% in 2011 and less production of the product it looks like competition will start to brew. This makes 2012 a good year to find cheap LCD TVs online.

Online will probably see the biggest increase in LCD television market share since it will have the lowest prices. With production already down and distribution being reduced it would only seem right that online vendors can corner the cheap LCD TV market online. After all it is easier to shop online and a wider selection draws in many buyers.

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